Red Slime Algae


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I need some help trying to get rid of red slime algae. I’ve tried Chemipure and tried to get the flow rate up without blowing the fish around the tank. I also have been doing water changes and cut back on feeding. Any suggestions?
Remove as much as you can manually. I stopped using Chemipure a long time ago. It's really a matter of getting your nutrients in order. In my tank it usually shows up when my phosphates are higher than my nitrates.
the Chemipure works, but only when you have the tank healthy enough for it to stay gone.
first, vacuum up as much of the slime as possible with a large water change (using good RO water/salt mix), run some fresh carbon, and make sure your O2 is good (flow/surface agitation). then start testing nitrates and phosphates daily. look for a PO4/NO3 ratio of ~ 1/30 give or take. and the nitrates should be low-ish - under 20ppm - so for example phosphates at .5ppm and nitrates at 15ppm. if you are far out of that range/ratio work that angle first. then, once that is stable and well, dose the Chemipure to kill off what slime remains.