Red Sea MAX Nano complete with stand, dosing pumps, cover, tunze powerhead and glass cleaner - $750


I have a three year old Red Sea MAX Nano that I've upgraded into a Reefer 250. I really like this tank and was hoping to use it this year, however I'm out of space and really don't need a fourth tank at the moment. This tank includes the Red Sea MAX Nano, the included skimmer and ATO but also many upgrades! Includes Jebao 3.4 Wireless Dosing pump with three dosing containers. Also, comes with Red Sea top cover and a Tunze Powerhead with Tunze glass cleaner.

It's just about anything you could use in getting started with a tank and includes 20g of premium sand that I hoped to reuse. I can toss in a piece of Pukani rock to help start the tank if needed.

$750 pickup in Flower Mound area
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