Recommended pump please


Hello everyone, I’ve been out of the hobby for several years, I’m looking to get back in, I just got me a tank and looking to set it up, I’m needing a main pump, what would you recommend for a 60 gallon cube? 24”x24”x24”, what turn over rate should I be looking for? I’m interested in a dc pump that won’t break the bank. Thank you.  


I have a 60 gallon cube also. I'm running a Reef Octopus VarioS-2. I have a VarioS-6 on my main display and haven't had any issues with it for 4 years. The pump I have on the cube is only running at about 60%.


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I realize that this Hygger sump pump aquarium has quite a lot of uses. I primarily use it as a return pump for my sump and it moves quite a decent amount of water for its size. Other times, I use it for partial water changes or cleaning the gravel. I put a plastic mesh in front of the intake to catch the larger bits of debris. For something that is this small, I was surprised that it could move that much water.
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