Re-started my JBJ28 Nano with some mods


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I am on week 2 of restarting my old tank which was shut down in 2016.  It was shut down due to the LED light going out and my inexperience with trying to replace it.  Also had issues with bristleworms and was not smart enough to research to get rid of them.  I did so many newbie mistakes and feel like I am more knowledgeable of all the rookie mistakes.  So I got dry rock this time vs wet live rock which brought home so many unwanted critters in the tank.  Also going slow with a fishless cycle.  So hope all can give me good advice along the way. Thank you
1) JBJ 28G (cut out lid for light)
2) Kessil A160WE Blue with Goose mount
3) Kessil controller
4) Reef Glass skimmer
5) Hydro Nano 565
6) Hygger 16000 ghh 
7) Poly Bio Marine filter pad/Biohome Ultimate Marine Media/Carbon
8) 40 lb CaribSea Arag-Alive Fiji
9) 20lb Real Reef premium dry live rock
10) 15lb Nature's Ocean coral base rock


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