Raising Mysis Shrimp


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Does anyone have any experience raising these little critters? I've read that multiple tanks and specialized diets are the only way to really keep them alive, but Marine Depot seems to think you can just throw some in your refugium and start a population. Would like to know if seeding a fuge with them is viable.

My understanding is that it is fairly darn difficult. fperkins can chime in here too. They are HIGHLY cannibalistic and will take out any perceived weaker shrimp.
That is why you see multiple tank after tank. Some one has to sort them one by one according to size to minimize the attrition.
Sounds like WAY too much work for me.

The reading I've done seems to think that ghost shrimp might be easier than mysis.
YMVM. Please sure sure to post back if you have any success.
Thanks Howard, that's what I was thinking. I'll skip it for now. On another subject, I have tiny little shrimp swimming around my sump, these couldn't possibly already be mysis, could they?
Perhaps. I would be surprised, but then that happens all the time around here. :)
murphyme has little small shrimp. I'm not sure I saw them in a delivery but then I didn't have time to break out the microscope.

If you can snap a macro photo someone might be able to ID it.
Check this out - http://www.advancedaquarist.com/2003/9/breeder
Yeah I think I can pretty well identify them as Mysids. My cleaner wrasse rode one of the overflows into my sump and now I don't see anymore shrimp...little wrasse is impossible to catch.