Premium member can't log into website

I've been a premium member for years. When the website changed, I could no longer log into my account. I created this account recently just so I could contact someone to help. Can someone please contact me? 
I tried to become a member on facebook too, but so far that request has not been approved. 
I am downsizing and would really like to post up some fish and other goodies for people to snap up for super cheap or even free.


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Hi.  Just spotted this post, what username was used for the premium member account? We'll get your situation corrected, but we need more information.  Real first and last name, and username are a good start.
the username I signed into the old site was one of my email addresses =
Name is Chad Pudwill
I my account was paid in may of 2020
I cannot reset my password using that account. I never get an email at any of my email addresses. The email account that should have be associated with that username is, but as I stated, I don't get an email at any of my accounts and the email is not going to spam/junk mail.


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If you want when I get a chance I'll send you a temporary password so you can get in and we can go from there