Pre-Arrange Trades/Swaps/Sales for Sat March 11th Hobbyist Hangout at Saltwater Paradise

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Let's use this post to coordinate in-person Frag Swaps at our upcoming Gathering Hour on Saturday March 11th!

Do you glue animals to rocks? Or want to learn? You are in the right place!

Our club is holding Hobbyist Hangouts, Gathering Hours, and Frag Swaps (mini & regular). At all of these events you have opportunities to learn tips and share animals. At our last Gathering Hour, someone shared how they are just throwing those coral trimmings away. They are animals - let's make sure they all have a home!

If you have some things you would like to trade, swap and/or sell at the March 11th event, then please list your item(s) in below thread.

If you see something listed you are interested in, then please reach out to that person and make arrangements for March 11th.

It might take us a while to get back in regular swapping groove, but this is our hobby club's 30th anniversary. Long time hobbyists may remember and share about original hobbyist 'Frag Swap' roots! Whenever people got together, trades were happening. This post intent is to help make those trades happen more frequently again.
Extra Free Giveaway Tickets!

Sorry for the tease... to write that and then not give many of you working link... Originally it was just in Premium area visible only to upgraded members. Now I've fixed it as this is open to all.
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Multiple corals were given out yesterday!

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