Pool to Reef conversion


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I'm not sure why my last post seems to have broken, but here it is again. 
I'm building a pool and then converting it to a reef. It's a small pool but a big reef. It's 10' x 20' x 5.5' deep with the top 2.5' actually above ground with glass.
If anyone is interested in helping, please let me know. I'll post drawings as soon as I get HOA approval (pending) :)
I'm in Prosper.
I'm in the process of building it right now but the thunderstorms aren't helping... :)
If you're interested in helping, just pst me. 
Going to try and tarp the yard and could use some help. 
How is this coming along? I live in Rockwall and currently not working so i can give you a hand as this seems like a really cool project. Give me a day or two heads up before you need me and i will help. Send me a pm or text
It’s proceeding slowly. Geothermal for water is done and checking/fixing leaks today.
I’ve been updating this thread: http://www.dfwmas.org/community/reef-discussion/need-help-building-my-10000-gal-reef-in-prosper/#post-334471
I’m grateful for any help! Ps me so I can text you my address and contact.
We’re at the rebar stage. I can’t get the images to show up... tried attaching files or checking “My Media”...
you can follow along in my Imgur to watch the process:
This is interesting I have been keeping up with post on this definitely following 
Video walkthrough
this shows the pool windows so the corals would be visible while underwater. The upper level reef glass should allow side views and top views.