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New Video & Chance to WINAqamai KPS - WAVEMAKER PUMPWiFi CONTROLLABLE - DC TechnologyToday we are taking a look at one of the best powerheads for all you nano reef tank hobbyist out there. Aqamai represents a new line of smart devices for your reef aquarium. Aqamai is created from a collaboration of the vast experience of Hydor.'ll be doing a giveaway with Aqamai Powerhead, so if you would like to throw your name in the hat for the giveaway all you need to do is be a subscriber of our YouTube channel, give a thumbs up and leave a comment on the video page. Winner is drawn Saturday so be sure enter. Good luck! Zetlight LED'sFrom the Zetlight UFO LED 8300, the newest in the UFO line to the Flagship ZT-6800 Apex Ready LED. Zetlight has LEDs for just about every tank or need, including Refugium LEDs.Check them out and feel free to call or email us if you have any questions. New Frags + 30% OFF Last BatchWe just added 50 new WYSIWYG frags, including Jason Fox Fox Flames, Picakchu, Silverado and more. We have our last batch 30% off as well. All of our frags are true aquaculture, no wild tissue. Most are multiple generation cuttings. Flat Rate $34.99 FedEX Priority Overnight shipping, no minimum order. Or 1 frag or dozens. FREE Shipping over $225.00.' x 2' Black Egg CrateSo many uses from frag racks to skimmer stands. I even seen a cool looking fish acclimation box made out of crate the other day. $15.99 ea or 2 for $ 12.95ea | 4 for $ 11.99ea | 6 for $ 10.99ea ME Coral ProductsME Corals offers all the staples from calcium, alk, mg to GFO, carbon and coral food. What makes ME Coral different?MECoral uses only Pharmaceutical Grade raw material to achieve the highest quality, highest purity, and highest concentration possible.