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Love ‘em or hate ‘em, orange lenses are here to stay in the reefing hobby and are the easiest way of removing the overwhelming blue glow from coral snaps you take on your phone. They’ve been evolving too, offering different orange-yellow tints and growing to accommodate ever more multiple phone lens clusters.
D-D The Aquarium Solutions’ latest lens, The Coral Colour Lens XL is effectively their 3rd generation lens, replacing the smaller Gen 2, but growing large enough to be used not just on your phone or tablet, on your actual camera too, as long as it uses 52mm lenses that is. 
In terms of how you use it and its effect, the XL is similar to its predecessor and any other orange phone lens. Take the lens cap off, clip it over your phone’s camera lens, point, and shoot, but being 52mm(2”) in diameter the XL will cover all your phone’s different lenses at the same time or screw onto the front of a 52mm diameter lens on your digital single-lens reflex camera. 
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