Moving in the next week, clearing out sale (14 Biocube, lights, dry rock).


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Moving in the next week or so.  Have the following for sale:14 gallon Biocube, no scratches, $50 dry, or $70 with rocks and sand.  Two LED strips added in place of one of the CFLs but both ballasts still installed, no permanent mods.  If you don't want the rock in it you can swap out for other pieces from my dry rock collection.48"x4 bulb Aquatic Life T5Ho fixtures, $50 each, or $75 for 2.  Older bulbs included.  These are not the hybrid fixtures.Dry rock $2/pound (I'm currently planning to move this, so no discounts)Ecosmart (non QD) MP10 $150.AI Sol LEDs (4), $100 per or $300 for all 4.AI Director ($50), will only sell with at least 2 lights, or $24 with 4x.AI hanging frames included with purchases of 2x lights.Must be picked up by Monday, located in Murphy.Live goods from my 600 gallon teardown (tank NFS) located here:
*Important edit*I went to hook these up this morning to verify function and discovered two things important to any buyer:1) Two of the Sols are in fact Vegas, so this is 2x AI Sol and 2x AI Vega.  Bit of an upgrade, but I'll leave them the same price.  Priority on the Directer goes to the buyer of the Vegas if they want it.2) More importantly, the power supplies are packed god knows where.  I believe these are 24V 2.5 A supplies, which are less than $20 on Amazon.Recognizing this risk I'll take off $30/light (negotiable), below are photos/videos showing that all 4 work.  You're also welcome to demo when you come by with one of my other power supplies.Update, here are the two Vega's going through their test sequence this morning: is each Sol plugged in this morning:View attachment 8178
Sorry all for not updating this, looks like I stopped getting notifications.All AI items sold.Moved and am keeping the MP10.Gave the biocube to a good friend.The T5 lights were Aquatic Life, not AI.  I gave those to a different friend when I moved out, although I'm not sure if he's actually using them so I'll reach out and get you an answer to that.The rock is inaccessible in a storage unit at this point, and will only be leaving that to move across the country so it is no longer available.