melev's 400g reef


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The 400g reef was set up originally in February 2011, 7 months after the 280g sprung a leak. ?During those seven months I built a whole new fishroom with new circuits, floor drain, reinforced concrete flooring, new entry point, replaced the ceiling above, and framed it in for a bigger aquarium. ?The new tank was going quite well, when suddenly after 13 months it sprung a leak.All the livestock was transferred into a borrowed 210g aquarium and I waited for the repaired tank to return. ?Fast forward 18 months, it was finally in place and refilled with my livestock.The 400g (version 2.0) turned 3 years old in November, and has grown out significantly to the point things are stinging each other and I kind of need to go in and start hacking to create some negative space again. ?Here's a recent picture of it. ?You can also see the 60g anemone cube to the right of it.?
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I haven't updated this thread in forever, so let's go with my latest video. I'll try to be better about this.