Mahi Reef's 10g reef

Here is a timeline of my 10g reef tank with some photos. 
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This is the tank on Day one. live rock from KP Aquatics. Based in florida,
KP aquatics uses an aquaculture lease to cure live rock. The rock came
shipped in wet newspaper to keep it semi-fresh, and once in the tank I 
Tried to stack it in a way that flow could go around the rock from all directions,
to maximize swimming space and limit dead spots. 
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Here, 4 days later, the "Die off" can be seen. After doing some research, 
I was able to find out that the green encrustment on a majority of the surfaces
is dead Coraline algae. being that it is very sensitive, a majority of it did not
survive the shipping process
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Does anyone have a guess what this guy is? It came in on the live rock,
and has even grown since then. I noticed him on the 17th of July.
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As a few weeks had passed, my tank was no longer producing ammonia and
the live rock had re-established its cycle. I suppose I should mention,
I am also using Carib-Sea live sand. Its the one with the pink flakes mixed in.
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How's this for worms ? this guy was very skinny, and seemed to be around 9" long
He was crawling the glass that night, but I have yet to see him since.
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Let there be light! I fitted a 2x 24wAgrobrite T5 fixture. I like T5s because they blanket
the tank with an even blanket of light. I enjoy the simplicity of the setup being on/off.
Rather than guess and check with LEDS, I just have them on for 8hrs (outlet timer) a day.
pulling about 48w, after calculation, it costs me about $1 a month to run them. 
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Holy crap ... that worm looks huge.  I don't know what it is but I'd get it out if I could.  Maybe others can ID it and say it is good.