Local breeders


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Do we have any local breeders of clownfish, cardinals, etc?

I bought my first pair of clowns from Andy many years ago, and I would like to buy some aquacultured clowns again.

If someone is also breeding any type of cardinals, I'd be interested as well.
I won one that Ted (tradosz right?) donated to the December raffle. She's healthy, eating everything, and a great personality. She actually preferred flake over frozen cube brine/mysis which was cool.
michelle has some fore sale right now
Thanks guys and gals. I talked with Frank but I couldn't remember who it was that I talked to.

Pampee, I'll look through that and see what Michelle has.
Back in December, I got one from Frank (fperkins) and Tom (tradosz). That way if they mate they will not be kin. The female from Tom prefers flake over anything else. The male from Frank likes it all. They were both healthy and took to eachother quickly once I got them both in the tank at home.