Lighting for ATI Fixture .. Bulb Selection

Ok, so I am getting a new ATI Light Fixture for the new tank. I talked to Greg at Reefgeek on bulb selection, he recommended two light set ups. So, I thought I'd ask you fellow folks and see what you guys would recommend.

This will give you a nice crisp color with a touch of blue and produce good coral “pop” and good color definition.

3-ATI Blue Plus
1-ATI 12000K Aquablue
1-GE 6500K Daylight
1-UV Lighting 75-25.


If your one for a bluer look than I would recommend:

4-ATI Blue Plus
1-ATI 12000K Aquablue
1-UV Lighting Actinic White

This will also give you good coral “pop” and good color definition, but it will be a bit on the bluer side (not overly blue).

One thing I noticed about T5 is if the bulbs are a lot shorter than the length of the tank the colors can play tricks on you. When I first put my 24 inch Tek light it had more blue look than what it what suppost to have to it being smaller on my 36 inch tank. I changed some bulbs and now it's a more of a crisp white... :D

blue +
aquablue +
UV Actinic white
I am putting the fixture over a 24x24x12 rimless tank. I plan on keeping some sps, some softies (not a lot of them), acans, and etc....
2nd option.... you'll get a bit less growth from the SPS, but the LPS will like that more, especially if you place them properly.
get the second option and order an extra GE 6500K Daylight so that way you can change it up if you dont like it. these bulbs are less than $20 so it isnt a big deal.
depends what you eye likes i went with grim reefers recommendation

Grims Tek 6 bulb combo -

3 Blue Plus, 1 super actinic, Pro Color and UVL 75/25

i am actually like more blue in my tank and since my new tank is shallow i do not need alot of par for penetration

4 Aquablue and 2 Blue Plus is what i am thinking about to go with

here is a pic of that combination i pulled from rc

I've got to say, I love the color of blues and the way it makes some of the corals "POP" so to speak. I know when I had the 100gal up and running, that I loved the way that my acans would just pop with the VHO's on without any MH. I haven't seen a super blue tank yet, but would love to see one. Just gotta find someone who has one and go check it out :D.

Thanks Pampee for the imput!
@DaveJ wrote:
2nd option.... you'll get a bit less growth from the SPS said:
So, with the first option then I'll get more growth with the SPS?? I don't know if I want them growing wildly considering the fact that my tank is going to pretty shallow at 10" deep.

I am thinking that considering it is a 12" depth, that I would have like a 2" sand bed on it for filteration (nothing major on the sand bed depth considering the shallowness of the tank. Then the water level will be a 9" deep considering I will leave about an inch of work room from the top of the glass.