Koralia pumps and wavemakers


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I'm finishing up my 210 reef tank and was contemplating buying two koralia 4's and hooking them up to my read sea wavemaker. Are the koralia pumps ok to use with a wavemaker? Or will all the stopping and starting cause problems? Thanks.
I had problems... They always jammed up. I had them both on my wave maker and on the feed cycle with my AC3. They were very unpredictable, and the noise they make when starting freaked some of my fish out. So now they are always on. Don't get me wrong, I love them for constant 24/7 use.
maxi jets, get several and add the sure flow kits, probably get you the best flow and MJ's have always been great on wavemakers
For a 6ft x 2ft 210 gallon setup how many maxijets and what size would you guys recommend? It's a mixed tank with a few fish, softies, and sps.
koralia's only work on seio controllers since they don't stop the impeller/propeller... they just slow them down.

i'm not sure about the other wavemakers/powerheads... all i know is that i hate the clicking sound of them starting/stopping
what other flow do you have? 4 would probably be fine with the mods on it. have them alternate to where 2 are on at any given time...
If you go with Maxijets, go with the 1200's. You'll also need the mod kit and a sure grip magnet. Maxijet $17.19, Sureflo mod $19.99, magnet $34.99. For a total of $72.17

The cheaper option would be to go with the Koralia 4, then buy a highflow propeller/magnet assembly. Koralia 4 is on sale at fosters&smith for $44.99, and the prop/mag assembly (highflow) is $ 6.99. For a total of $51.98 each. There's a long thread on RC that claims the Koralia gets better flow than the maxijet mod, with a broader flow pattern. Plus you can adjust the direction.

Here's a website with the various mod kits available, as well as just the propeller/magnet mods:


Also, the seio controller works with the Koralia's (according to the thread). Here's a link to the thread in case your interested.

Good luck.
FYI - I have been running my Korilias on a wave maker since I got them when they first came out (I'm guessing about 9 months now). One got stuck one time due to coraline build up and had to be cleaned, other then that and an occasional startup click they work fine. I do have hem hooked up to my reefkeeper2 on 4 minute intervals to minimize stating and stoping. The reefkeeper has what is called a soft start, I'm not sure if this acually aids in my success of using the Korillia or not.