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More to come as I clear out stuff.  Mostly I'm looking to sell rather than trade given the decluttering goal.  I'm fairly negotiable on these.  I am looking for a large skimmer (the sort that works on a 600 gallon reef).1) Sumps, $40 each OBO.  Both measure 23.75" long x  12" deep x 16" tall.  Bulkheads shown in the pictures are included.View attachment 6381View attachment 63802) Fish food fridge.  24" x 24" x 35" tall.  $50 OBO.  Got it used, cleaned it out, used it for a couple weeks, then had someone give me a newer one.View attachment 63823) ATI Powermodule 8 x 80W (60").  $200 OBO.  All ballasts and bulbs work, but are due for replacement.  Cooling fans don't work and I haven't had time to look in to it.  If I get these fixed the price will adjust accordingly.View attachment 63834) Aquatic Life 4 x 54W (48") fixtures, no mounting feet.  $175 each OBO.These are the older ones with the built in timers.  Get close to asking price on both and I'll include two brand new UVL Red Sun 633 nm bulbs.  I've used them on a freshwater planted tank, but they do a great job of making red colors pop if you have enough blue to balance them out.Link to same product: https://www.marinedepot.com/AquaticLife_48_Inch_4x54_Watt_T5_HO_Light_Fixture_w_4_Lunar_LEDs_48_Inch_T5_Fluorescent_Light_Fixtures-AquaticLife-AK01035-FILTFIT58U-AK01037-vi.html5) Coralife 14 gallon biocube (4 buttons in the lid).  $100 OBO.I replaced one of the PC bulbs with two LED strips, but the lid was not modified to do so.The ballast and PC bulb mounting are still there.  I have a few spare ballasts and other parts I'll throw in.  Currently not running, but includes rock and sugar sand.  I have a pretty large pile of dry rock, so you can swap it out if you want different rocks.  Mag float included at asking price.  Here's a picture from when it was running once upon a while ago:  View attachment 6384
Messages so far replied to, a couple other items:6) Assorted buckets of substrate.  Some medium aragonite, some freshwater sand and gravel.  $5 and you get to keep the bucket.7) Aquarium stand.  $75 OBO.This isn't a floppy box store stand, you could park a small vehicle on it.  Platform is 21" front to back, 20.5" wide, 34.25" high.  Fits a 29 gallon biocube.  Comes with an older sump in the bottom.View attachment 6392
One sump sold.New items on the list:30 gallon blue water drums, drilled on the side near the bottom with hose fittings/valves, $40 each OBO.55 gallon blue water drums.  Drilled on the bottom, Uniseal to a T fitting, $50 each OBO.  Buy 2 and you get a DIY stand that stores one on top of the other.Another sump just like the one in the stand above, $25.Oveflow box has been repaired in one place near the top and needs a plastic screw.  $20, or $10 if you buy it with the stand.
Refrigerator sold.For the items remaining, feel free to make an offer, I won't be offended.Not pictured, but the overflow box above does include a U-tube.
Here's a summary of what's left, make me an offer if you think I'm out of line:1) Sump as shown in first post $25,  measures 23.75" long x  12" deep x 16" tall.  Bulkheads shown in the pictures are included.View attachment 63812) Smaller sumps $15 alone, $25 with HOB overflow box (needs screw, has u-tube)View attachment 63923) 29 Biocube stand, $30, sump shown included.View attachment 63934) Aquatic Life 4 bulb T5HO, currently on a freshwater tank.  $75 each, have 2.5) 14 gallon Biocube $75. Tank, rock, sand, mag float, no livestock, old photo.  No scratches on the glass.  I'll throw in a heater for $5.  2x LED strips in hood replacing one of the PC bulbs.  Entirely reversible, original ballasts/plugs are still in the hood.View attachment 63846) 30 gallon food safe (blue) water drums, with hose spigot at the bottom, $30 each.7) 55 gallon food safe (blue) water drums with Uniseal in the bottom, $50 each.Buy enough frags (mainly SPS and hammer) and I'll give a discount on equipment.
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Funny thing about that, I swear I saw the PM this morning, but can't find it now.  Those are pending (hence not marked as gone), but I'll send you a text about another I have.a
Hi,I'm interested in the stand.  Is it still available?  Can you text me at 214- five two nine - 0248Thanks,Chris