I'm back

I have been gone quite a while but I am back to sell off ALL my fish stuff. One lot for everything $300.00 You would need a truck and probably of couple of helpers. I'm in Rowlett. I have a 125 tank and stand purchased from PETCO, 65 corner tank and stand, 29 tall, 20 gallon tank and stand, original refugium built by Bill at Neptunes Cove.. lol Tubing, salt, jugs, fittings, refractometer, several protein skimmers, 3 different Fulval cannisters, hang on the back filter, tons of pumps, jets and lights. Even have the expensive Kelso??? light setup. 100 to 150lbs of dead live rock, heater etc etc.... everything has to go. freshwater decor. I will tell you up front up - everything will need to be cleaned. Some have been in the garage for awhile. Momma says all must go. A lot more than I have listed just don;t remember, old age