I though pyramid butterflys would be peaceful


I added 4 Pyramid butterflys to my tank. One died due to a punctured mouth. The others are intimidating each other right next to my long spined urchin. They are trying to kill each other against the urchin. I'm shocked. I see lots of tanks with multiple butterlys. I thought a 215 gallon tank would be plenty of room.


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Sorry to hear about your Pyramid Butterfly experience.

I had the same problem. I put 3 in at the same time in my open scape 188 peninsula, and 2 died after 4 days. No idea why?

Months later, when I introduced another Pyramid, the mystery was solved. I saw that the surviving one "Stabby" would turn horizontal & stab the new one "Baby." "Baby" eventually figured out "Stabby" is not his friend and luckily thriving now. I later added a larger Foxface & he manages to keep the peace between the two.