I didn't understand about deep water acro


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Is there someplace that lists the deep water acros or any other deep water SPS by species all together on one page? It would also help to have a write-up about their successful care. Only today after several years did I finally get that there was a big difference in their care. Is it possible to place these in a mixed reef environment correctly or does one need a dedicated tank for such things?


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Normally most people put their deepwater acropora corals lower in the tank, perhaps in a less "hot" spot lighting-wise. Other than that, acropora care is the same. http://www.reefaddicts.com/content.php/272-Acropora-Proper-care-yields-the-best-results


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A couple of my deep waters are center of light high up in the tank but a couple others are bottom out of light in high flow like right in front of powerhead

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