GFO/Carbon Reactors

I am working on a 40 gal breeder and am interested in running some carbon. I use to have a dual reactor some years ago from BRS, but sold it off when i left and I am back now.

I was wanting to see what ya'll would recommend. Should I go with a single reactor and run both carbon and GFO mixed together or run a dual reactor with them separately?

For single I was looking at the [Removed Link], [Removed Link], or I was even thinking the [Removed Link].

Any feedback would be much appreciated!

Thanks again for input!
I run them separately when I run it. The usefulness of the carbon is depleted more quickly than the GFO so you can change the carbon independently. With that being said my water volume is 140 gallons and both the required amount of carbon and GFO wouldn't fit into the single BRS canister.

I like the looks of the mini reactor you have linked above, but have never seen or used it. Too bad they don't have a dual mini setup bc my full size unit is a beast. Get an extra canister so when you are ready to switch it out it would be easier.