Gen 3 Pro Radions for sale


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I've decided to upgrade my tank to Gen4Pro, so the Gen 3 Pro units are available.$425 each, have 8 left.  $400 each if you buy more than one.  They are all currently running and will be taken down as they are sold. 
$500 for a light and arm.I do have someone else interested in the remaining arms (I have more lights than arms), but they haven't committed and paid yet.  If my arms do sell, worst case $425 for the light and you can get a brand new arm from BRS for $100.
Posted by: chrises08 do these have the big white or small black power supply? said:
One left.  White box supply, but I personally broke the seal on the box and the end of June this year, so it hasn't seen much use.  Black box supply lights have all been sold.
Posted by: reeftopia Pros don't have big white power supply boxes; only non Pros. said:
What makes you say that?In case anyone wants to call EcoTech to verify, the serial number is 67309610122168.The XR30wG3Pro became available in ?early 2014? with a white power supply.They converted to black power supplies in early (Jan/Feb?) 2016.  I've personally taken a new one out of a sealed box with a January 2016 build date on a white supply.  The original box will go with the unit and clearly says "Pro" on it.The LED emitter group is the G3Pro cluster, not the G3 standard cluster.The light(s) for sale/sold all show as up Gen3Pro in EcoSmart Live, whereas the Gen3 lights show up as Gen3.