Freshwater Version of DFWMAS?


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I'm interested in starting a freshwater planted tank.  Since freshwater tanks don't seem to get a lot of love on DFWMAS, I'm wondering if there's a freshwater version of DFWMAS in the area.  I've learned a lot from everyone on DFWMAS, and I'd love to find something similar for freshwater.I saw one called dfwFishbox.  Is that a good one?  I haven't looked on Facebook yet. Thanks!
I believe this site and dfwFishbox are about it for the area.  
I really appreciate that, but you'll probably be done long before I'm ready. I haven't set up the tank yet. I still need to buy substrate and wood and make a few mods to the tank. That's my project for the week.Incidentally, it's a Fluval Spec V that I found for half price at Petco because it was missing a part.  
If you make it by before January 1 you'll be ahead of my schedule.  If you just want sand I have a bucket of it you can have for $5, and you can keep the bucket.