Dead Cleaner Shrimp


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I bought a Cleaner Shrimp tonight from a LFS. I intended to drip acclimate it. While I was preparing the bucket and the drip line I floated him on top of the aquarium and he has dead. The bag was not opened and literally just floated on top of the aquarium for 10-15 minutes. Any clue as to how the shrimp could just die from floating on top of the water with the lights out?
Really? So I guess I should maybe call the store and tell them? I have been pretty fortunate with live stock in the recent years that is why it was such a surprise.
Could be the LFS handling, transportation or internal unseen illness that stressed the shrimp out. It is hard to tell what happened. Save the body and return it to the LFS. Ask them for a pinch of cheato in the bag for the shrimp to hold on to during transportation to help reduce stress.