David's 300 Gallon Marineland Deep Dimension


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After 1 year of negotiation with my wife, she finally give me a permission to have another 300 gallons tank in my house with one condition (I must quit smoking, otherwise she will break it [smilie=rofl.gif] )
This time I am going with 300 Gallons Marineland Deep Dimension.
I just completed the stand built last night. Here are the photos
thats awsome Im building same tank. but wife wont let me build stand so got a carpenter on it. Ill be following along
That's the tank we considered before we got the one we have. Can't wait to see it come together!

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Watching along....

BTW, what is the dimension of this tank? I'm hoping to upgrade to 300-400G range in 1 to 2 years.
[smilie=clapping.gif] [smilie=clapping.gif] [smilie=clapping.gif] I'll be following this. I'm dying to buy the 48" version. Great choice!
For light - I am using 3 MH 400 Watts - Radium 20K
Supplement - Reefbrite 48" XHO (Don't like it much)
I am still debating to buy 2 Radion Gen 3 or 3 Kessil 360W for dusk/dawn
Sump - I am using the 29 gallons connected with modified Oceanic sump
The 29 gallons will be used for live rock only.
Skimmer - Reef Octopus 5000 sss
Waste Bucket - Walmart 1 gallon with float valve control via Apex.
My current living room wood floor was damaged by the skimmer over float.. So, this time I decide to buy the new Apex and use it right..
Very cool! Congratulations on your new setup and nice gear.
Wow, that is the heck of the project. Looking awesome.
Hey, David, who did you hire to build your stand? I need some one to build me a custom stand for my nano. Thanks