concentrated phyto


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I just concentrated my phyto thicker then DT's by a LONG ways. any one have a phyto density measuring stick? This would now be considered a paste. (1) 2l bottle that's thick green concentrated into 15-20ml.... I had to ADD saltwater from my tank to thin it down in a small bottle. I'll post picks tomorrow.
If you would like to share your secret on how to do that, I am all ears!

hahaha. Yeah I figured there would be some intrest. I'm going to do my other batch tonight and will record it all.... or the importent parts. It is time consuming but it works so well. Its kinda like the fridge gravity settling method but I found a way to speed it up quite a bit. It would also help to have a glass container. I'm going to google around for a 2l cone shaper beaker.
Thoughts? I found something to set the air pump in and set the bottle on top so I can walk off and let it settle. I'm really happy with how well it works.
I have not tried to do this yet, but I was thinking, off the top of my head, of a way to apply a slight vacuum to draw the solution through a paper filter of some kind. Or, just let it settle in the fridge, and then siphon off the clear liquid on top. If that is working, then it seems simple enough.

I've tried the paper filter and it has some issues. The paper will clog quite quick and a lot of phyto will get through. The firdge works good but takes time and space in the fridge. This works quicker and better then anything I've tried as of yet and it won't famge the cells.
Ung. Way too much work for me. :)

I just dump and stir the "diluted" product in my tanks. We have problems with evaporation 'round these parts so adding extra water actually helps my 3-4 different setups.
I use the lower salinity phyto product to offset auto top off.
I found a container that will hold the airpump and the bottle on top of it. So I just set it up and walk off now.