chaeto refugium


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Have some questions about a chaeto only in sump refugium. Basically, what is the best way to have it set up, flow, lighting, copepods, etc. I haven’t had much luck with the chaeto I have so far, seems to be falling apart, some white strands, small pieces floating everywhere. Any help would be appreciated.


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chaeto grows fast - which is why we like it - but it can starve fast also.
flow isn't usually an issue in the sump, but it does need decent flow to keep the nutrients coming. it does poorly in still/stagnant corners.
strong light for 12 hrs is a good starting point - adjust the duration based on your nutrient levels. if nitrates are up over 20ppm, run the lights longer - 16-18hrs. if you have them down to 5-10ppm reduce down as low as 8 hrs. below 5 ppm, the cheto may die back.
calupera does better in lower nutrient/lower flow - cheato likes high nutrient and flow. I run a mix of both.
also - if it gets coated in cyano, it can be light starved - you may need to take it out and rinse it in some tank water every few days until the cyano issue is resolved.