Catjuggler's 46 gallon bowfront


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its week 3 and my lvls are good, Im gonna give it another week before adding anything. I started with live sand, and live rock so the cycle went pretty quick just was waiting for it to stabilize before i went ahead with the stocking. Im going to be moving everything over from my 14 gallon biocube. It is currently over stocked. I have mushrooms(green,red,purple,blue and a orange ric) a stock of hammer coral with 3 nice heads, a big frag of clove polyps,gsp,a frag of tangerine acan(3 heads), and a tiny rock of zoes,and a huge meat coral. like i said a little packed.
I also have a yasha goby and a red and white pistol shrimp, a pair of harlequin shrimp, a fire shrimp, cleaner shrimp, long spiny urchin, a few crabs and a tiny pair of false percs. everyone seems to get along fine but i think they will be happy next week when i put them in the new tank. I didn't know everything would grow so fast, so i started this new to tank so i could keep feeding my new addiction. My current loves are the harlequins and the meat coral, they are so awesome.
Plans for the 46 after my lvls are good again after i add the stuff from the bio-cube
1. lawnmower bleeny(i have to have one of these guys)
2. some white pom pom xenia
3. crocea clam XXX Cant my lighting isnt good enough
4. some red and blue sponge( havent done any research so any info would be awesome) XXX from what i read these guys are really hard to maintain
5. some more rics
6. maybe a flame angel(any advice)
7. 3 blue reef cromis(i think that's how you spell that)
8. sea cucumber(maybe i heard scary things)
9. a mandarin goby (after my hob refugium is setup with copepods)
10. maybe a few more lps.
but that's about it. I plan on having one of the most beautiful tanks ever made(i can dream).
If you have any advice or just wanna pitch some ideas for me that would be awesome, I'm new to the saltwater hobby and i want this tank to be the best it can.
i will post pics of both tanks tomorrow