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I'm in need of a new canopy. I'm converting the 55 gallon over to my 210 and the canopy on the 210 is not tall enough. I'm going to have 3 x 400 watt mh's on it so I need more clearance than the 6" canopy that was on it. I've considered building one on my own, but I live in an apartment and have no tools, so woodworking is out of the question. Anybody happen to have a canopy that is 72"x 24"? Don't care what color as I plan on sanding it down and putting new varnish on it. Or, does anyone know where I can have one built for a decent price? Thanks.
I don't know where you live, but Tony over at Aquatic Trading (garland) does nice work for a decent price.

He is the one who built my stand and canopy. (His inital design of it caught the wife's eye while were in the process of changing everything down to a 150 from 4 tanks) He is in the process of building / modifying my canopy at the moment. I just bought a new light set up. (3x250w; 4 72" VHO accentics (160w each) for my 150.

He does nice work though.

If you want to see the stand and canopy in detail let me know and I can email you some pics.