Bounce-back fish room additions


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so, not sure if this is the best place to add this. My main tank is a 6ft 125g with 30g sump(skimmer, socks, refuge, heaters, return pump). custom lights and controller, ATO, moonlight. i also have a tiny but surprisingly stable 10g with air driven skimmer, powerhead, custom light, and HOB filter used for frag QT. both tanks have been up and running since 2013, and i had some very good growth for a long time. i hade some neglect induced losses starting around 2019, but the power outage and freeze of February 2021 killed most of everything. (my pair of clowns survived, along with a few soft corals and the brittle star - though all his arms fell off.)
with such loss, i pretty much gave up for a while. but i started back in sept 2021 - and while the tank isn't a "new" build - i took everything apart, cleaned and refurbished. while waiting for corals to grow, I've been entertaining myself with freshwater. getting back into the practice of breeding, with an eye on breeding saltwater soonish. I have been having a blast with that and have added many more tanks, both marine and freshwater. if interested, i made a vid showing off everything in the fish room so far.