Blasto rock too crowded?


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I bought my blasto as a small frag at one of the local frag swaps maybe a year ago, and it appears to be doing well and growing like crazy. I have it on a small rock on the sand bed. However, I'm concerned it could be outgrowing its rock, but I'm afraid to mess with it. Should I leave it alone or intervene?

Any advice would be appreciated.




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If you leave it on its own it will grow into a hemisphere shape a bit slower. If you put it on a bigger rock it may encrust out faster but make for a more flat (rock shaped) colony, at least acans and favia do that. I wouldn't worry about it if you're happy with how it looks.
I'm happy with it. I was more concerned about its health. Thanks for the advice. Maybe I'll get another blasto to put on a bigger rock and see what happens.

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