Black Friday Deals still going on: Ecotech, Seneye, Vertex, Zeo & GEO

[For Black Friday 2018 EcoTech is authorizing & offering the following sale:][10% off the MRP][ price of the ][XR15G4PRO][ and ][MP40wQD][.]Begins 11/23/2018 and ends Midnight 12/01/2018. [15% OFF SENEYE Controllers and acc.]Begins 11/19/2018 and ends Midnight 12/01/2018. 10% OFF GEO Calcium Reactors OnlyBegins 11/23/2018 and ends Midnight 12/03/2018. 10% OFF Innovative Marine - ENTIRE LINE 25% OFF Korallen-Zucht ZeoVit Additives 25% OFF Vertex Omega SkimmersThe 150 and 200 are sold out, but we expect them in this week, so feel free to contact for preorder. 25% OFF Vertex RO/DI Deluxe and Standard