Birdsnest losing polyps


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A week ago, I noticed that my biggest birdsnest was losing polyps (or maybe just no polyp extension). This appears to be happening on the top side of the branches. I've also noticed a bit of brown algae growing in those spots. All other corals appear to be doing fine, including two other birdsnests.

I did move the coral from one side of the tank to the other recently. (Some green star polyps were getting too close - another lesson learned!) Could that be where I screwed up? The light level shouldn't have changed much, but I realize now that the flow pattern is different.

Should I go ahead and frag off some healthy pieces to save what I can, or is there something else I can try? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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I have always had issues growing birds nest but I can grow acros like crazy. I haven't been able to figure it out. Mine just kinda do what yours is doing so I'm going to follow along here. Good luck

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Thanks, Eckolancer. Tonight, just in case this is a lost cause, I'm going to cut off any healthy looking branches I can find and find them a new spot in the tank. Then I might try brushing off the algae with a toothbrush as best I can, put it back where it was, and cross my fingers.

I'd hate to lose the whole birdsnest. I bought it as a wee frag at my first frag swap last year, and it really took off. Until I moved it, that is!

Acros, huh? I hadn't considered those before since I thought they were way above my skill level.

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I got a few good frags and a few questionable ones. Hope this works.

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