Berghia Nudibranchs New order post Mantis


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Since catching the Mantis I have been checking the tank and came to the conclusion that he pretty much ate the first Berghia I had purchased back in November. I ordered 10 more yesterday and they arrived this morning. Although I ordered the 1/4" size I received 8 that are 1/2-3/4" and 2 that are just under 1/2". All were fat, happy and very healthy. Much better condition than the first ones. These are actually larger than the "Large" I purchased from ReefTown and 1/3 the cost.

If you are thinking about buying Berghia, buy from this supplier.

I purchased from EBay, the supplier is saltyunderground-6. 10 for $59.00 with $32.00 shipping. Much, much lower price than if you buy from their website. Customer service was excellent.

10 Aiptasia Eating Berghia Nudibranchs for Saltwater Tanks - 1/4" Berghia

Keep us posted on how they work out. I think I gave Isaac that book I won about keeping Berghias. Maybe he'll loan it to you.
Do please keep this updated.  The last time I got berghia they didn't even eat the aiptasia I put in their holding container, but my previous experiences were better.
On March 26th we bought 15 med 1/2 inch ones for my 240 gallon tank.  I put 3 in a 10g  for breading. It was easier they I would of thought. 12 went into my tank and within  3 to 4  months they had cleaned my tank up. I didn't buy the amount they said to as I would of went broke doing so LOL. I did ok on the breading as well. I got 8 babies large enough to add to my tank.  My tank as far as I can see is Aiptasia free almost 5 months later. If I get more aiptasias later on down the road I will go this rout again for sure.For breading them I used a 10g tank no light. I bought at Walmart a tiny heater a air pump, hose and a air stone. I tied a knot in the air hose to cut down on the air flow. I didn't have a lid for the tank so I used press'n seal Glad wrap over 2/3s of the tank. It worked well. I put in 15 or so aiptasia anemones. I made sure it was just them no sand  no rocks nothing but them. That is crucial from what I read. There is plenty of food for them and the new babies and u can  add more if u need more. View attachment 2487It was just a day or so later I had eggs.  After I had a few egg I took out the breeders and put them in my 24o g. The eggs are in a  white spiral called egg whorls.  Now here comes the hard part. You let  the tank sit and do nothing until you see them crawling around and you see the aiptasias  are disappearing.  This takes a long time they have to hatch then they free swim then they start to craw then they eat and grow then u start to see them. Once u see them and they get bigger u can slowly blow them off the glass and then suck them up and add them to the tank. I put 2 or 3 in one spot then 2 or 3 in another spot.  I let them eat all the nems before I took them out of the 10 g. The only light the tank got was from the room itself. We got  1/2  med  Berghia Stephanieae.