Berghia nudibranch overstock


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I have a temporary overstock of Berghia (too many nudibranch, too few Aiptasia to feed them). I raise Berghia continually in a dedicated system but have had reduced demand from my regular buyer the past few weeks. If you have Aiptasia and have ever wanted to try Berghia, now is your chance to get them for 50% of retail price with NO box or shipping charges. Pickup only in North Irving 75039 (evening) or Bedford 76022 (day). All are young egg-laying adults 1/2" or larger. Pic is a sample of the actual Berghia for sale taken this evening. PM please for contact info if interested.

$25 for 3
$50 for 7



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We’re hungry! Give us a home!


(These are mixed sizes I’m sorting, I’m selling adults only unless someone just wants juveniles).

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I can take both adults and juveniles. Interested in buying.

I have an elaborate buffet of tasty, thick, well fed aiptasia for lucky berghias, even predator free (they went to FOWLR). I'll pm you