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Anyone have any ideas if critter in photos is good or bad? Found these are multiplying in my sump. Hoping not bad thing. Most in sump baffle flow dividers between parts 2 (refugium) and 3 (return & skimmer sits), but also in first part (shrimp, filter socks & skimmer intake pump). Likely have 50+ in sump, most in dividers between parts 2/3, but also in part 1 and 3. Don't see any in refugium portion 2 of sump, but red ogo algae spins good and perhaps keeping critter from attaching to walls. Have not noticed any of this critter in my display tank, but my fish & cleanup crews seem to eat anything... Took one out and sliced open, thinking maybe egg sack, but seemed solid (but I've never before opened any egg sack, so what do I know...) Photos are same critter view, just one of photos is zoomed in hoping helps identification
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The 1st one looks like pineapple sponge sign of a healthy system 
@Drex, thank you! You are a blessing to all of us!!!
Having that info to go on and then internet, perhaps my pineapple sponge is byproduct of my problem green bubble algae growth right now clearing up using Vibrant. My phosphates are still high (153 using Hanna ULR) but coming down. While rare, sounds like someone in Virginia had so many pineapple sponges they clogged plumbing, so will take out ones I can reach in this weekend's tank/sump maintenance. This takes my type of sponge count up to three: yellow, white tube and pineapple... My flame angel should be even fatter... OR, maybe its why I don't see any in display tank despite limited areas of high flow. I'd like pink sponge to show up next, if it is out there.... 
Since sponge is "good" ... if someone wants free little sample of any of my sponge types to grow in your own tank, PM me and I'll scrape some off of what you want and you can pickup curbside baggie sample for free. Personally my yellow sponge is cool but visually not fan of white tube or pineapple, but beauty is different to each person .. 
On your phos get yourself a small reactor from Brs and some GFO and put about a half cup in it that should take care of your phos when using things to bring down your phos do it slowly to fast will stress out your coral. I get my GFO from Amazon its usually cheaper there I can send you a link to the one I get if you like 
Ordered 1000mL NO3:pO4-X Reducer - Red Sea this afternoon. Do you think I should also get GFO and reactor or just GFO in sock or just go with the NO3:pO4-X biologic just ordered? And finally, though I should post this in equipment questions going to ask here: when I bought used things from guy leaving hobby, also bought device in picture and think its a type of reactor and wondering do I already have reactor that would work with GFO? 
You likely realized my phosphate problem as soon as you read my above post, but it took me months to just this afternoon realize my Hanna [Phosphorus] test isn't Phosphate ... so PPB isn't just 1000 to get to PPM...  my numbers are WAY worse that I've realized and for way longer than realized... Bought my test kit used, so if that chart was in there, it was gone before I got kit and never knew: Multiply ppb phosphorus by 3.066 then divide by 1000 to equal ppm phosphate ... I'm actually at 0.567 ppm not .185 ppm (EEK!) Salt is mixing for 30 gallon water change in few hours, started my RO/DI running making more water so another 30 gallon water change tomorrow since I took tomorrow off.... and if I need a third+ change to get numbers more reasonable then will do  
Here is pic of my reactor (of some sort):
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