Aperture Pet & Life is formed to join BRS, EcoTech, and Neptune Systems brands

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Aperture Pet & Life is a new company which was announced 4/20/2022 to amalgamate and further develop some of our favorite reefkeeping brands. Last year investment group Bertram Capital acquired Bulk Reef Supply (which then bought Marine Depot,) then they bought Neptune Systems, before rounding off 2021 with the purchase of EcoTech Marine, owners of AquaIllumination. 
Few saw it coming, but in just nine months, Bertram assembled a supergroup of five all-American aquatic brands that already excelled in their own markets, but together would represent a formidable force in marine tech. And today Aperture, LLC. has relaunched those former companies into homogenous brands combining online retail, manufacturing, and distribution in over 50 countries around the world.
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