Another discussion, Where are all the fraggers?


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After a few years hiatus from the reefing world, I’ve been pulled back in. Although I took some time away from having my own tank, I’ve enjoyed visiting others, seeing some wild reefs, and hitting the occasional swap or macna. After macna this year, and a few raffle tickets later, I’m back. I’m curious whose out there in the DFW area fragging corals and what kinds of corals you’re fragging?  What are your coral presences, lighting, salt mixes, etc?  Thanks in advance. 
Fragging not far from you in Murphy, mostly sticks more common LPS (hammer, candy cane, duncan) at the moment and some odd zoas, although won't be around for the show this weekend sadly.Main issue at the moment is that I'm a member of the hair algae preservation club.  Interestingly the corals are doing very well, but it would be nice to see more of my rocks.
Figured I should update my location since I’m in carrrollton now, but still now far away. The tank is cycling now, but I’m sure I’ll be in the market for a number of items. On the hair algae front, have you tried an army of hermit crabs from a place like reef Cleaners?
Thought about I thought about that, but as a 600 gallon system it really would take an army. The sea hare didn't do much in his two weeks before deciding to take on an MP60 sadly. The urchins are marginal as well.  Really I should probably try changing some water.