Am I growing Barnacles?

Michael Vincent

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These appeared on the edge of a long dead montipora plate not far from three rock anemones.  They appear to have a red outer with what could be a mouth in the middle.  What in the world is my tank growing now?  Please excuse the algae, we are working on it :)
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+1 vote baby rock anemones (aka flower anemones) 
photo with more white light might help get other opinions
So I figured out it is the plating coral that died on that disc is actually making a resurrection.  Amazing after being what appeared to be completely dead for 4-5 months it is now growing again.  Go go go good water parameters :)  The 5 polyps are now about 10 around that edge of the disk.
that's pretty cool. was also my thought that it could be a coral spawn/relocate - like pocilapora popping up on the other side of the tank.if its barnacles, you're feeding way too much. :)