After 20 years... Getting Out of the hobby. Fire sale.


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In 2004 I built a 300G reef and 2 years ago downgraded to a 150G to house my prized fish.

I can let the whole set up go or part out.
Majestic Angel, Powder Blue tang, Flame Angel, Clown Trigger - YES ALL REEF SAFE (had them for 10 years +)
APEX Classic, 2 SKY LED, 1 Radion GEN3, all the probes including conductivity.
Lots of live and dry rock. $1/lb

Also high end equipment left over from my 300G
Deltec Skimmer, Deltec Calcium reactor (whole set up, litermeter, CO2 tank), sump, refugium, ozone reactor, etc...

2-1-4 four, o, five, 2539
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My location is North Dallas.
Preston and Campbell area.

Fish prices:
Powder Blue Tang $150 - SOLD
Flame Angel $100 - SOLD
Majestic Angel $250 - SOLD
Clown Trigger $250 - SOLD

The Majestic is reef safe as I bought him with his teeth filed as a baby. He can't eat coral. Only frozen food
The Clown trigger was a 1-inch baby when I brought him in. Only eats frozen food.

The tank (150G) APEX Classic, COR pump, all the probes incl conductivity, 2 or 3 DC8s, 2 WAV, 1 GYRE, 2 SKY, 1 Radion gen 3, sump, skimmer.
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DELTEC Calcium Reactor PF601 with LM, ph probe, Co2 regulator, two 5-lb co2 tanks, I always had a full one ready to change out. $600
includes all the DELTEC CA reactor media I have.
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I also have 4 damsels for sale $10 ea:
One Large blue damsel
Two Azule damsels
One zebra damsel.
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Damsels gone. Tank is being drained.
This thread is now closed as no more livestock is available.

I will open a new thread DRYGOODS SECTION for all the equipment I have left.
All the best/Alex