90 Gallon Planet Aquarium, stand, canopy, lighting, and all accessories as a package

I'm offering for sale my 90 gallon planet aquarium with everything. Tank crashed last year while I was deployed. I had it cleaned and was going to set back up several months ago when it was suggested that I use this opportunity to upgrade to a larger tank. Please see below and contact me with any questions. Buyer will have to pick up in Midlothian, but I can assist with loading.

-90-gal Planet Aquarium 48.5"x18.5"x25"
-Heritage top lift canopy
-Heritage stand
-3 X Aquaillumination AI26HD lights on 48" track
-48" Actinic Blue Reefbrite Lumi Lite Pro LED Strip Light
-Trigger Saffire sump 34 (31 Gallons)
-Eshopps Axium X-120 protein skimmer
-Sump cooling dual fan bracket from Melev's Reef with one 4" USB fan.

Asking $2,500 OBO


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