9 Year Anniversary video


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They say the life span of a reef tank is around the 10 year mark. A high % don't make it to this milestone unfortunately And, a very small % surpass this.

That being said, What are your plans for this beautiful reef for the next few years? Have you seen any signs of OTS? (Old tank syndrome) or is this even still a thing with the advancement of the reefing industry?

A lot of us build these beautiful reefs with the intention of them lasting forever. The harsh reality is that they usually have an expiration date. Im curious if anyone has a reef at the 15year or 20year mark in this club and if so, what precautions they took from the start to accomplish such a long life.

Here's to another 10 years! 🍾 🥂 🎉


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Part of avoiding OTS is not neglecting the system.

I also think doing a reset every 3-4 years is extremely helpful. My reef has had two resets in the past 9 years. Pulled out all the dead undergrowth, and planted fist-sized mini colonies from the corals that were removed. I also focused upon the sandbed while the reset was happening because I had better access at that juncture.

A reset isn’t starting over. My aquascape hasn’t changed in nine years. I may have moved a rock or two, that’s it. Most of the lower level corals never move, and continue to grow larger.

Trimming is necessary, but I don’t do it nearly as often as others. Sometimes that’s a bad thing, for me and the reef. There are times I should have interceded sooner.