8-23-22 New Fish Shipment!

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Saltwater Paradise New Hours and New Location (slightly)
Still: 1313 W Airport Freeway Irving TX 75062 Same building but BACK of building (closer to parking lot) and now MORE SPACE! new: Suite 120 Tip: walk in door with large "FRESHWATER" sign even if thinking corals and saltwater fish (lots of both!)

New Fish Shipment! 8-23-22

Atlantic Pygmy Angel
Blacktail Lemon Peel Angel
Flame Angel (medium)
Diamond Goby
Hector's Goby
Red Striped Worm Goby
Twin Spot Goby
Flame Hawk
Bluestripe Pipefish
Neon Pseudochromis
Strawberry Pseudochromis (purple dotty back)
Blue Hippo Tang
Gold Rim Tang
Lavender Tang
Orange Shoulder Tang (medium)
Sailfin Tang
Skunk Tile Goby
Carpenter Flasher Wrasse
Leopard Wrasse
Six Line Wrasse
Tricolor Fairy Wrasse
Bubble Anemone
Blue Leg Reef Hermits
Fire Shrimp
Tiger Sand Conch
Red Fromia Starfish
White Sand Sifting Starfish