75G Elementary School build

We are setting up a reef tank at one of our elementary schools and teaching our children how to care for the tank and learn as much as they can about the reef system. It's been very exciting so far but we still have a long way to go. Putting together a tank that can be displayed with pride can be very expensive as you all know so we weren't sure at first what we could afford but the response from local hobbyist and manufactures was amazing.

We started filling the tank at the beginning of the week with a 90GPD rodi unit donated by J.R. Ward at Spectrapure. They already had all the fittings in place for us so getting it started was a breeze. Tomorrow we will mix in the salinity brand salt donated by Amanda Neese at Seachem. I'm personally very excited to be using salinity salt since it mixes so fast and we can pre-bag it by measurements for the kids to mix water up in the future.

More updates to follow!