55g DAS Aquarium Help!


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I bought a 55g das aquarium with the built in h39 sump, can someone help me remove the internal sump and add an overflow to install a refugium under the cabinet? I can take the tank to you if the price is right.
if you cannot find a solution I have a 55gal for sale that is not drilled and comes with the overflow box....and sump.
Why don't you see about taking it to them to have them do it:

It is silicone that keeps it in place... the only area of concern is where it joins up in the corner... use a razor blade to cut the silicone along all of the other joints and then gently pull it away from the corner and then trim away the excess... it's a little scary but not that tough... I would help but having a few medical issues right now, sorry... The DAS guys wanted too much to do it for me, so I decided to do it myself, but that was a few years back, so check with them.
I got one of the first reef ready tanks from DAS 7 years ago in August. I remember when members first came over to my house telling me they've only seen DAS with the internal filters. I hear they're a pain.
If you look up my old corner tank build. I took out the das filter. Drilled a few holes and used it for about a year. Worked great till I sold it and moved to a rimless tank. I would have kept the tank if it wasn't so scratched on the glass.

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I found the the overflow box already but have no clue on how many holes to drill and what size. Can some one tell me how many holes an if I can drill the return hole inside the overflowbox?
I would personally do 2 or 3 drains with 2 returns. Returns can be outside of the overflow box. The reason I say 2 drains is one main one backup incase its clogged. 3 drains you could do bean animal silent and failsafe. If you must you can put the returns in the overflow box. I would do 1 to 1.5" drains and 1 to 2 returns 1/2 to 3/4". I think you really need to figure out what return pump to calculate everything as a whole.

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Im thinking of a eheim 1260, do yall think it a good size? My display is 55g and the sump
Is going to be 20g . Im thinking of installing the overflow on the left corner of the tank and drilling three holes. 1" for the m-drain, 1" for the e-drain and 3/4 for the return. All three holes inside the overflow. Or would it be a better idea of drilling two 3/4 returns on each side of the rear glas of the tank and installing the overflow in the middle with the same drains. The overflow is 9"w and 5" deep and as tall as the tank.
I think having two returns one on each side is better for flow. This will help with dead spots in the tank where poop can build up.
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I would use a Mag pump...they are solid and my 55 ran on one for years. said:
and add a lot of heat, that is why I moved away from mag pumps. Eheim is good solid pumps, I have switched to a Jebao DC , even less heat than Eheim and adjustable flow.

I owned a DAS tank once, removed the internal "useless" filter and ran a over box , never again. For the effort your about to do I'd find a good used RR tank.