40g macroalgae lagoon

hey everyone, I'm from the Dallas area and have been in the aquarium hobby for over ten years now and used to work as an aquarium maintenance tech for an LFS.

I got into the aquarium hobby from the freshwater, aquascaping side of things. So when I learned about all the different kinds of macroalgae available, I had to try out a "saltwater planted" tank. I've kept several over the years. I'll post some pics of my most recent upgrade from my 29g to a 40 breeder.

how my 29g looked before moving everything to the 40:

this is a couple months after the move into the 40.

a couple pics from December 2023. The sargassum grew well for a good while, but i kept moving it and it blew into a dark corner with low flow and started to die off pretty quick. I'm going to try again, someone on the macroalgae Facebook attributed his success to that sargassum species as making sure it attached its rootfast to something.

I'll try to post more pics soon!