250 Build!!!!! HOOOOO!!!

This large clam they I bought kinda goes against every instinct I have. In dealing with large stabilized clams before, SOMETIMES you out them in a new environment, they spawn and spawn and spawn, then die… we will seeee!
Hi All, well of course I got too aggressive and now have a setback.

0 Nitrate 0 Phosphate and High Alk, LOL.

I got alk back to around 7 for a bit and am trying to bring nitrate up by dosing.

Interestingly enough, none of my clams are affected at all, but the SPS frags are hurting
Update, much death!

So remember how we had 0 nutrients then an alk spike, so it took 4 weeks (always 4 weeks) to see the real damage.

I didn't have too much SPS, but the ones I did perished.

All soft coral was not affected.

I have a good buddy who decided to send me a bunch of tridanca, he's a real sweetheart!


(5) 3-4" maxima- ALL DEAD
(2) 1" crocea - not affected
2 5" derasa - not affected
(1) 3" derasa - not affected
(2) 5" gigas - not affected
(1) 8" squamosa - not affected

I plan to way another month before adding any more SPS
boy oh boy was i not ready for a dry rock cycle. considering ive only seeded aquariums with live rock (from the ocean) this was terrible. It has been one year and the tank is finally capable of sustaining hard coral. I'll never do a dry rock cycle again!IMG_3512.jpg