20 Gal. JBJ set up

It's been 20 years and we back in the hobby. I have always loved marine life and the ultimate beauty that come with it. But only in part to my grandson who loves clown fish and his sad face of dispair when we walked out of the Salt Water store. He was my motivation to get back in. 20 years ago we had a 175gal but now were starting with the following...
Day 1 & 2:
- JBJ Nano RL-20 gl
- JBJ white Stand
- AI Prime 16HD LED lighting
- Duetto return pump
- Hygger Mini Wave Maker
- Two clown's
- 5 snails
- 5 hermit crabs
- 1 white Sebae Anemone
The photos attached is the build progress till the next morning where the water is clearing up and the clowns having a good ole time.
Day 3:
Poor anemone got caught up in a hole in the back of the tank that goes into the take pump reservoir. I can see its testicles on the other side and at this point we freaked. Called Saltwater Paradise and luckily they were in the area servicing a neighbor and came right over to the rescue. They got him out but needless to say the little guy is a bit stressed out.
Day 4:
Mr. anemone seems to be bouncing back and the tank is thriving. but were still trying to figure out the holes on both sides of the tank Salt Water Paradise just happen to have the same thing happen to them with the same brand tank but their anemone didn't survive. Currently looking for a solution to the holes.
More updates coming!!


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