150 gallon tall aquarium


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I’ve decided to go a different route with my tank, what I’ve got here is a 150 gallon tall aquarium, it’s 48” x 24” x 30” I got in the condition that it’s in now but much dirtier, it has no return overflow built in it, could possibly use a reseal, it was holding freshwater when I got it, I let it sit for 3 days full with citcric acid with no signs of a leak. It’s scratched, it’s dirty but it might be a worthy sump to the right person. I’m asking 150.00 for the tank and stand. I’ve got a old school overflow box I’ll toss in with it if someone wants to set it up as a display tank.Located in Azle0211E4E3-9764-4DC1-B678-0F919AC33532.jpeg


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