What you need to know about Water Changes

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What you need to know about Water Changes​


When it comes to the most basic of maintenance tasks to be done the first one that comes to mind is the water change. As important as it is, it is also one of the least glamorous and least fun things to do in a tank. It is so lacking in being any kind of fun, that it is done infrequently or improperly, neglected, or not even done at all until major issues arise.

There are several reasons why water changes are important. First, at least to me, they provide the opportunity to remove compounds and substances that have built up over time like detritus, dead algae, or particulates from the rock. A water change can also help remove odors and discoloration of the water allowing for better light penetration and health of the fish and corals. This is especially crucial in new tanks where the natural bacteria, microfauna, and the entire reef biome have not yet matured and stabilized the tank.

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